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Welcome to Stamford Youngtimers' home on the web!

Stamford Youngtimers Basketball League (SYTBB) is the largest ALL Girls basketball league in Stamford.  Nearly all of the Girls High School players on the 2016 State Champion Stamford High, Westhill High and Trinity Catholic High School teams (past and present) have played in the SYTBB league.  Many of the current players are also coaching in the league.

Here, you'll be able to get news, information, schedules, rosters, game results, directions and much much more. Check back frequently for the latest information about our club.


Unfortunately COVID is still running high but we are going to return to play this week with practices and games.  As we get back to the court, we cannot stress enough that the health of our players, coaches and referees is of paramount importance.  In that spirit, please read the below information and respond to our survey.

  1. MASK WEARING:  There will be an increased emphasis on mask wearing as we come back from the break.  Coaches, league staff and referees will all be tasked with ensuring compliance.  Please make sure to speak to your child and stress that the mask must cover the nose and mouth at all times except when girls are drinking water.  If a girl is not complying, she will be removed from practice and/or the game. Please tell your daughters we don’t want it to come to that but with the way this virus is spreading, we must have zero tolerance and we need your help to ensure that.
  2. VACCINATION STATUS:  In order to do a better job with our contact tracing, at the attached link is a form we ask each parent to fill out for their daughter.  Knowing the girls’ vaccination status will help us determine which girls can still play if a teammate tests positive so your cooperation with this is appreciated.  If you do not wish to share your child’s vaccination status, that is an option on the form and will be respected.  But of course, anyone who we don’t know their status will have to be treated as unvaccinated for purpose of our contact tracing policy.  The form/survey is at this link and we respectfully as  you to fill it out by Fri., Jan. 7.  https://forms.gle/56tx4R9nc27VdwSEA 
  3. DISCLOSURE: Please familiarize yourself with our COVID Policy so you are as clear as possible what the rules are.  The policy is available at this website (http://www.sytbb.com/Page.asp?n=162598&org=sytbb.com). If your daughter tests positive or is in close contact with a positive person, we ask that you notify us immediately.  Please note that we are still using the 10-day quarantine to create the safest possible environment.  We will continue to assess the policy as circumstances warrant.

We appreciate all of your help in assisting us to run the league as safely as possible.  Obviously, cooperation with the rules is so important if we all want to be able to finish this season as efficiently and safely as possible.  We have two months to go and are optimistic we can do this with your help! 

by posted 01/03/2022
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